What are we doing?

1. Changing the world

We want to put an end to the old and closed mentality of «this is mine and nobody else’s» and share our culture with the rest of the world. What does this mean? If you are a foreigner or from outside Alicante, and you live in Alicante, you may have already noticed; you hardly know any Alicante locals. There is a great distance between Alicante and the foreigner who lives in Alicante. Our mission is to bring those two worlds together and share the culture and city of Alicante with everyone. To demolish that wall, tear it down and make you feel at home because… you are at home. Welcome to Alicante.

2. Taking advantage of Alicante like no one else

Alicante has an ENORMOUS potential that no one is taking advantage of. Everyone is too busy doing the usual thing, trying to sell «Spanish paella» on the Explanada when we have a city known worldwide and no one is doing anything to take advantage of that opportunity. We want to be the first to take advantage of that and tell the world: we are Alicante, one of the most international cities in Europe, welcome.

3. Creating a home for us

Our community,  place where anyone who comes is accepted and has the opportunity to meet interesting people and share their experiences. We all know how difficult it is to arrive in a new place and not know anyone, we’ve all been there. Our commitment is that no one has to go through that when they come to our city. We want to create a place where everyone from outside feels at home.

How are we doing it?

Now we are creating Les Gavines;

The first barraca for foreigners in the history of Alicante.

The Hogueras festival is the most traditional and one of the most fun and surprising festivals in Spain. They are usually celebrated in enclosures called «Barracas.» If you are not from Alicante, it is very difficult to access one of them because there is a big gap between Alicante’s culture and people who are not from here. We want to bridge that gap and create a bridge. Les Gavines does exactly that. Offering people who are not from Alicante the most Alicante experience that exists, spending the San Juan bonfires in a barraca with your friends.

How can I be part of this?

You can do several things, we have many projects in mind.