7 Things to know about Hogueras
everything you need to know about this celebration

1. What are the Hogueras de Alicante?

The Hogueras are the biggest festival in Alicante. It celebrates the arrival of summer and, although it is prepared throughout the year, they last from June 20 until June 24, the «nit de la cremà».

2. The Mascletà; a spectacle that will surprise you

 It is a fireworks show with a very special peculiarity. It is not a show to see, but to hear and feel. The master pyrotechnician has to prepare a mascletá with a good rhythm and that awakens the emotion of the spectators thanks to the sound and the power of the explosions. It is a very crowded event and takes place every day at 14:00 in the Plaza de los Luceros.

3. What's a Barraca?

During the hogueras, special enclosures are created to spend the festivities called «barracas». The idea is to gather there and each community has its own. They are the place where everything important happens during the bonfires. There are concerts, drinks, events and lots of people. A fundamental part of the hogueras that you can’t miss.

4. Hogueras; Enormous sculptures to burn.

The Hogueras themselves are sculptures that are built throughout the year and are exposed from the 20th to the 24th to be burned on the «nit de la cremà», that is, on the night of the 24th. Each barraca has its own bonfire.

5. The craziest night in Alicante. 24 June

That’s the last night, «la nit de la cremà». The hogueras are burnt this night. This is the craziest night of the year in Alicante by far. This is what you have to do: take a backpack and put a towel inside. Go out in your swimsuit at night and watch the bonfires burn. Why in your swimsuit? You’ll find out.

6. Pyrotechnic show in the Postiguet

After the night of the 24th and for a week there is a fireworks show every night on the Postiguet beach. It is a competition between master pyrotechnicians and at the end the winner gets a prize.

7. We have a Barraca for you. Les Gavines.

This is our Barraca. For the first time in the history of Alicante the international community of Alicante is going to have its own barraca. Alicante is a very international city but very closed to foreigners and expats. Our mission is to slowly change that and make anyone who comes to this place feel at home. It is not an easy task but we are working for it. Hogueras are for you too. 

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Hogueras Are For You Too.

Enjoy it with us!

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